Mercedes GLB, GLS and GLC/GLC Coupe facelift will come next year. GLE Coupe and GLA postponed for 2020

Mercedes new SUVs for 2019
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Mercedes will launch two completely new SUV and two SUV facelifts in 2019. Mercedes GLB and GLS plus the facelift for the GLC/GLC Coupe are the main news in the SUV field. GLE Coupe and GLA were postponed for 2020.

The Mercedes SUVs has reached an unbelievable level of 612,186 units sold in the first nine months of 2018. This figure represents already more than 35% from the total Mercedes sales of 1,715,078 units  in the first nine months of 2018.

The recent launch of the new Mercedes GLE at Paris Motorshow announced the inevitable replacement for the Mercedes GLE Coupe.

But for Mercedes the priority is the future Mercedes GLS, to compete against the new presented BMW X7. So, the new Mercedes GLS will be presented in the summer of 2019, while Mercedes GLE Coupe was delayed for 2020.

Next year, Mercedes will replace all the remaining models from the compact range which don’t get yet the new MFA2 platform. The new Mercedes CLA will be launch in the spring of 2019 and Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in the autumn of 2019, according to Mercedes official informations.

The only compact model which will not be replace next year is the GLA. Mercedes want to launch before the new Mercedes GLB, a seven seater compact SUV with a G-Class look which will compete against BMW 2 Serie Gran Tourer. The recently launched Mercedes B-Class will not get a seven seater version because Mercedes considered that a compact SUV with seven seats has more chances than a seven setaer B-Class van.

The Mercedes GLC and the GLC Coupe will get also a facelift. We expect an almost completely new engine range including the new OM 654 2 liter diesel with 150, 194 and 245 HP plus a hybrid and a Plug-In Hybrid version.

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  • Peter says:

    I wonder why the GLA is being postponed after sightings of tests and spy shots. Was looking forward to seeing it with the MBUX digital dash.
    Any news on why it was put back?