Mercedes G-Class by Delta 4×4 That Looks Like a G-Class 4×42 But Has No Portal Axles

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Off-road specialist Delta 4×4 has developed an elevated version of the Mercedes G-Class that looks like a G-Class 4×42 but has no portal axles.

A Mercedes G-Class 4×42 is rare and very expensive. At launch in December 2022, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×42 was priced at 300,000 euros, 50% more than the AMG version with normal ground clearance and almost three times more expensive than the G 400 d, the cheapest G-Class.

Off-road specialist Delta 4×4 found a cheaper way to offer a Mercedes G-Class with higher ground clearance but without the use of the very expensive portal axles. With 40 years of experience in the off-road segment, Delta 4×4 has raised the G463A by 50 mm and developed a special body lift kit that lifts the vehicle up another 100 mm.

Ground clearance has been increased by 80 mm at the front and 50 mm at the rear to 300 mm compared to 241 mm on the standard model, and the approach and exit angles are now 35 degrees compared to 31 and 30 degrees, respectively, on the standard model. With the increased ground clearance, the car’s height is 225 cm compared to 197 cm on the production model. Thus, the Delta-developed Mercedes G-Class has an imposing presence, similar to the G-Class 4×42, but without the portal axles.

By increasing the ground clearance, Delta 4×4 was able to fit larger tires of 345/55 R22, which are supplied by renowned manufacturers such as Mickey Thompson, BF Goodrich, Cooper, or Yokohama. Due to the wider tires, the German tuner made 80 mm extensions to the wheel arches. At the same time, Delta 4×4 also offers a robust roof rack, ideal for expeditions, which is equipped with an LED strip and four additional headlights.

The Mercedes G-Class made by Delta 4×4 is much cheaper than the G-Class 4×42. The Eibach chassis set for the drive train modification costs only 1,300 euros, including fitting, wheel arch extensions including fitting and painting costs 5,500 euros and prices for off-road tires start at 4,800 euros and go up to 10,300 euros for a set of newly developed Force Beadlock wheels in 20 inches. The most expensive is the elaborate body lift kit, which costs 17,500 euros, including fitting.

But even then, with the most expensive tires, all the modifications result in a price increase of only 34,600 euros, far less than the more than 100,000 euros Mercedes is asking for the AMG G 63 4×42 compared to the series version. All prices include homologation for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.