Mercedes G-Class 4×42 recall due to rear axle problem

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Mercedes has to recall the 805 Mercedes G-Class 4×42s because the housing of the final drive can crack.

Mercedes has determined that the rear axle transmission housing might not meet the strength requirements on specific Model Year 2022 AMG G-Class (463 platform) special edition 4×42 vehicles. As a result, cracks in the rear axle transmission housing might occur during vehicle operation, which may lead to transmission oil leaking onto the roadway. In this case, crash risk for following vehicle traffic may be increased. Further, the fracturing of the housing cannot be ruled out and could lead to an interruption of the power transmission on the rear axle, in which a loss of wheel guidance and a loss of propulsion without warning cannot be ruled out. In this case, the risk of a crash or injury could be increased.

805 vehicles are affected worldwide, of which 282 are in the US and 158 in Germany.

Also, delivery of Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×42 models that have already been produced has been stopped until the situation is rectified.

The problem only occurs with the special Mercedes G-Class 4×42 series with portal axles and higher ground clearance and does not affect the standard Mercedes G-Class versions produced during the same period.

All customers who bought this model between 2020-2022 will be called in for an inspection. The rear axle inspection takes 45 minutes; if necessary, the rear axle is replaced within a few hours. Until the rear axle inspection at the dealer, customers are advised by the MBUSA Customer Assistance Center (CAC) not to drive the car and to contact their nearest dealer to have their vehicle towed. The towing operation is performed free of charge.

The recall operation is coded 22V-937 at NHTSA. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has also announced the recall, which has the number 012394, while at Mercedes, the recall has the code 3591003.