Mercedes F1 AMG W07 engine sound 2016

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The sound of the new triple tailpipes: Mercedes is firing up the fans, ahead of the 2016 Formula 1 season. In the video, the Silver Arrows team gives the first audio sample of the engine sound of the new AMG W07.

After Ferrari, Mercedes has also released the first video showcasing the sound of the 2016 Formula 1 engine. Apart from the Italians, who only presented a video depicting the V6 engine sound at idle speed, the Silver Arrow V6 hybrid engine sound was caught while the engine was revving.  Auto Motor und Sport has reported that the new Mercedes F1 engine is now louder. Of course, it is far from being as aggressive as the old V8 naturally aspirated, but at least, it has a bit more volume.

The sound heard in the Mercedes official video was captured in a closed room, but the tonality can be changed. The wastegate valve in the exhaust tract no longer blows off into the central tailpipe, but into two separate additional exhaust pipes.

Mercedes shows new triple tailpipes

The presence of the two extra tail pipes is part of the new regulation. The video shows that the Mercedes engineers have chosen a solution with the two additional exhaust pipes under the main pipe. This system is not standard in all Mercedes engines sold to other F1 teams. The Mercedes engine customer teams can develop individual solutions.

From this year, all cars must have a separate wastegate tailpipe through which all and only wastegate exhaust gases must pass. This move will not have any significant effect on power or emissions and was made in a bid to increase the noise of the cars following criticism since the introduction of the 2014 generation of engines.

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