Mercedes EQXX in figures. The most efficient car simplified

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The Mercedes EQXX is the most efficient car Mercedes-Benz ever built. This is what the company representatives have been claiming even before revealing the actual concept car. But why are they actually saying that?

Here we go, dissecting the innovative concept car that Mercedes-Benz revealed in an online event, after dropping out of the in-person events at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. We are now simplifying the complicated car, giving all the necessary figures.

How big is the new Mercedes EQXX?

Mercedes does not disclose the actual size, but says it is a compact car and indicates a wheelbase of 2,80 meters (110.2 inches). That means something similar to what the GLB compact SUV has to offer. The international media refers to an approximate length of 4,63 meters (182 inches). That makes it slightly smaller than the C-Class (4,68 meters/184 inches).

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How heavy is it?

The new electric concept tips the scales at 1,750 kilograms (3,858 pounds). That is quite low for an electric car of the compact segment and it makes it just about as heavy as the C-Class sedan in a C300 variant. The battery and the frame weigh around 495 kilograms (1,091 pounds).

What range does it have?

It comes, as advertised in the teaser videos, with a 1,000-mile (621-mile) range, making it the most efficient car Mercedes-Benz ever built. It is able to cover the distance from Paris to Berlin on a single charge or from New York to Cincinnati. Based on average distances driven per year, a driver in the U.S. would only charge the EQXX twice a month. A European driver would only plug it once in a month.

What makes it that efficient?

Exterior designers and aerodynamics experts have managed to achieve a drag coefficient of only 0.17. That is more aerodynamic than an American football. Energy is stored in an innovative battery with a 100-kWh capacity with a 50% less volume and 30% lighter than the already groundbreaking battery pack of the EQS luxury sedan.

There is also a solar panel with 117 cells on the roof, supplying the ancillary systems, adding up to 25 kilometers of range in ideal conditions.

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How powerful is it?

The EQXX comes with a single electric motor of 150 kW (201 horsepower). Mercedes claims that 95% of the energy it produces goes to the wheels. The energy consumption sits at less than 10 kWh/100 km.

How big is the screen surface on board the Mercedes EQXX?

The new concept car comes with a digital display that covers the surface from the left to the right A-pillar. It measures 120.6 centimeters (47.5 inches) in length and features a resolution of 8K.

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How sustainable is the new Mercedes EQXX?

Mercedes used sustainable plastic developed by the Israeli startup UBQ Materials. Almost all fabrics and carpeting on board are made of typical landfill trash such as food and garden waste, varied plastics, cardboard and even baby diapers or from a vegan-certified biofabricated silk.

The interior designers used animal-free leather from pulverized cactus fibers with bio-based polyurethane for the seats. They also used 100% bamboo fiber for the carpets.