Mercedes EQT Marco Polo Concept: the first fully electric micro camper van

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Mercedes presented a camper version of the Mercedes EQT called the Mercedes EQT Marco Polo, which will be available in the second half of 2023.

Mercedes decided to expand the Marco Polo family for the EQT compact van. The EQT Marco Polo concept is based on the long version of the EQT and will be available in the second half of 2023.

The Marco Polo concept includes a pop-up roof with a roof bed. The pop-up roof can be easily raised with a slight angle of inclination to the vehicle roof, which means that you can stand up in the rear of the car. In addition, the pop-up roof can be opened all around or in window form with a zip on the rear.

The bed in the roof has a sleeping surface of 1.97 x 0.97 m and another folding bed is added in the rear of the car with a surface of 2 x 1.15 meters. Thus, a family with two children can sleep comfortably in the EQT Marco Polo.

Under the seat on the second row are a built-in sink and a refrigerator with a volume of 16 liters. For cooking, you can use the induction hob under which there is a drawer for storing cooking pots or the stove with a gas cartridge that can be taken outside. In the right rear part, there is also a folding table that can be electrically adjusted in height. You can remove all the furniture in 5 minutes, so the EQT can also be used as an everyday car.

The Marco Polo module is supplied by Brabus and stands out for the quality of the materials. Like the seats, the bench, and the bed elements are covered in Artico Microcut. The furniture fronts are finished in Avola cherry wood. The area above the bed is illuminated with LEDs, and there are 7 USB ports for powering various devices.

The concept also benefits from solar panels for the pop-up roof and an additional battery placed in a compartment under the seat that can be removed to be charged at home if necessary. A sun awning attached to the side of the roof can be extended to protect from the sun or rain. An innovative blackout system for the rear windows, which replaces the roller shutter, can be activated by pressing a button.

The Marco Polo module is also available for the short version of EQT. The EQT is 4489 mm long, 1859 mm wide, and 1819 mm high, while the standard sliding side doors offer 619 x 1059 mm opening. The long version comes in 2023, but Mercedes did not give information about the dimensions.

The EQT is equipped with an electric motor of 90 kW (122 HP) and 245 Nm powered by a Li-Ion battery located in the floor, which has a net capacity of 45 kWh. It can be charged from DC stations with up to 80 kWh and from AC stations with up to 22 kWh.