Mercedes EQS SUV Is as Big of a Star as the Vision AVTR Before the Avatar 2 Premiere

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The Mercedes EQS SUV sits proud on the blue carpet before the Avatar: The Way of Water world premiere, set to take place this upcoming Friday. The electric SUV and the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept, inspired by the blockbuster, are both promoting James Cameron’s sequel. 

The Vision AVTR has already hit the streets of Los Angeles, California, escorted by an entire armada of police cars and motorcycles, as you can see in the post attached below.

Mercedes debuted the AVTR, with a designation inspired by the movie, yet standing for something totally different (Advanced Vehicle Transformation), back in 2020. It then took by storm the Consumers Electronic Show with out-of-this-world tech and head-turning design. It sports 33 multi-directionally movable bionic flaps at the rear. They mimic the reptile scales and move simultaneously to steer the airflow around the model.

Vision AVTR Los Angeles Avatar

A less spectacular and more realistic step-sibling of the futuristic concept, the EQS SUV, is also in the spotlight on the blue carpet. It is the electric SUV that sits at the top of the EQ range, keeping the EQS Sedan company and sharing most of its underpinnings with it.

Mercedes-Benz started the global co-promotion campaign for Avatar: The Way of Water, together with 20th Century Studios, back in November.

“Together with Mercedes‑Benz, we have created a campaign grounded in the storytelling of the world of Pandora that further showcases our shared values of community, respect for the world we live in and sustainability. We look forward to seeing this campaign come to life and sharing our new film with fans around the world,” Cameron said a month ago. That is when the campaign kicked off with 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-second videos that Mercedes has been playing on social media. All of them follow the concept “Earth is our Pandora” and focus on the responsibility to our planet.


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