Mercedes EQG Is Showing Off, How Long Until It Makes Debut?

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The Mercedes EQG is surely supercilious. And it’s got every right to be so, apparently. Mercedes-Benz posted a video on social media showing all the right angles of the electric off-roader.

What you see in the video embedded below is a near-production prototype of the upcoming Mercedes EQG. “Exceeding the limits of all-electric performance,” says the caption on Instagram. And we might just believe them. The EQG will be the first-ever electric version of the over four-decade old G-Wagen.

So far we know that the electric G will come with four electric motors, one on each wheel. It is the reason the model is capable of the famous tank turn that we have already seen during the prototype testing. It will retain the ladder frame, which will integrate the battery pack of 108 kWh. A shiftable two-speed gearbox will have to handle resources. The Mercedes reps promised the three lock diffs will keep their ground, so the iconic G will be at least as capable in the off-road as it has been in its 44-year career. An AMG version is also part of the company’s plan.

Mercedes will be trying to keep the electric G-Class as recognizable as possible. The vehicle will keep its boxy design, but that will surely be a headache for engineers who will be desperately trying to give the off-roader as much range as possible as well. And as we know, aerodynamics is the name of the game, as well as the size of the battery pack, of course, when it comes to the distance a car travels before it needs to be plugged in again.

Of course, the door hinges will be in sight as they have always been and the turn indicators will also be up on the hood where they belong. But the electric Mercedes EQG will also sport some LEDs here and there (around the grille and headlights) to highlight its zero-emission nature.

It will make official debut in the second half of 2023 and will end up in showrooms as a 2024 model year. Considering the gap between the previous ICE-powered models and their all-electric variants, the Mercedes EQG should start somewhere around $150,000.


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