Mercedes EQG: a concept close to series production of a future electric G-Class

Mercedes EQG from 2024
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Mercedes exhibited for the first time at the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021) a concept close to the production version of the Mercedes G-Class electric, which will be called the Mercedes EQG.

A few days ago we announced that Mercedes has registered the names Mercedes EQG 560 and 580. This confirms once more that Mercedes will build an electric G-Class, the announcement being made since the end of 2019 at a congress by Ola Kallenius, Dieter’s Zetsche successor. In fact, the name of EQG had been registered since 2017, this year Mercedes securing only the names of the versions.

Although in the renderings we presented some months ago, the front part had the characteristics of the EQ range, Mercedes preferred to keep the identity of the traditional model. The headlights that extend to the grille have been abandoned, keeping the G-Class classic round headlights. But the closed Black panel with the illuminated Mercedes logo is present.

The concept has a body painted in two colors – glossy black above, glossy aluminum beam below and runs on 22-inch wheels made of polished aluminum that make us think of Maybach. Another interesting detail is the additional roof rack that has LED light strips at both ends – white at the front and red at the rear.

The place for the spare wheel on the tailgate was still kept, but in the show car it houses the charging cable. And the spare wheel compartment looks like a portable charging station for the home.

Mercedes does not say what platform it will use for the G-Class but it will keep the solution with a separate chassis from the body. Thus, the battery can be integrated into the chassis giving even greater rigidity. With four electric motors located each on every wheel and separate chassis, the Mercedes EQG should be very capable in rough terrain.

With the Low range mode it will be possible to simulate the three lockable differentials. Mercedes did not give any information about battery capacity, range or power.
But the name EQG 580 reminds us of the 523 HP and 855 Nm developed by the luxury limousine EQS 580. And the EQG 560 will probably be the basic version.

Mercedes EQG will not be available until 2024, the premiere of the production model may take place in 2023.