Mercedes EQE SUV in the first spy pictures

First electric SUV on EVA platform
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Mercedes EQE SUV, the first Mercedes electric SUV built on the new EVA platform used at EQS and EQE, is coming in 2023. Colleagues from auto motor und sport magazine present exclusively the first spy photos.

Photo: Auto motor und sport

At the presentation of the dedicated EVA electric platform at the Annual online shareholders’ meeting in October 2020, Mercedes announced that it will launch 4 models on this basis in the next 3 years. The Mercedes EQS luxury limousine is already on sale, the Mercedes EQE business limousine was presented at the Munich autoshow and will be available from mid-2022, and now colleagues from auto motor und sport have surprised for the first time the Mercedes EQE SUV.

Codenamed X294, the EQE SUV is the electric equivalent of the GLE. The EVA platform allows a configuration with a rear engine or two electric engines, one on each axle. Mercedes EQE was launched with a basic version with a single engine at the rear axle of 218 kW and 530 Nm. With a 90 kWh battery, it has a range of up to 660 km.

Being a luxury SUV, we expect the EQE SUV to have only versions with two engines and electric all-wheel drive like its rival, the new BMW iX. Because an electric SUV must have better aerodynamics to achieve greater range, the Mercedes EQE SUV will be more of a crossover, will have a flat roof,  will be less tall and will have a look of a SUV coupe.

Because of this, the volume of the trunk will not be very large. And the windshield will be quite flat. Being built on a electric dedicated platform, the front and rear consoles are very short. The front is less massive than the EQS SUV.

EQE SUV will also have an AMG version with about 500 kW. The Mercedes EQE SUV will be produced at the plant in Tuscalooosa, Alabama, where the Mercedes GLE is also being built. To produce electric models in US, one of the 8 battery plants that Mercedes is building in the next years will be in Tuscaloosa.
Mercedes EQE SUV will be presented at the end of 2022 and will be marketed in 2023.

The name of the EQE SUV was not decided yet. A logic name could be EQ GLE.