Mercedes EQ C electric SUV spied

Mercedes EQ C
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The Mercedes EQ C, the first electric SUV of the EQ range was surprised in the winter tests at the Arctic Circle.

The Mercedes EQ Concept presented at Paris Motor Show in autumn 2016 gave the first glimpse of the first electric SUV from Mercedes. The EQ Concept features the new electric dedicated platform named EVA which will be used for all future electric Mercedes models from a hatch to two SUVs and a luxury limousine.

The Mercedes EQ C will be released in 2019 and will be the first member of the new EQ family. It will  compete against the Tesla Model X and the future Jaguar I-Pace which are slightly bigger.

The second model will appear in 2020 and will be the EQ A SUV derivated from the concept car presented at the last Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2017.

The EQC will have more or less the same length like the current GLC.
The new platform EVA will accommodate the lithium-ion batteries in a structure placed between the axles which will have 4.5 sqm and 13 cm high. The flat floor that holds batteries can clearly be seen on the EQ C prototype, which has lower sections to the side sills.

Mercedes EQ C 2
The batteries were positioned in an ideal position between the axles because there is no any propeller shaft. The EQ C is powered by two electric engines on the front and rear axle creating an electric all wheel drive system with variable torque distribution of up to 100% on each axle.

Mercedes will use a modular system for the batteries with a maximum capacity of 110 kWh. With the most powerful battery, Mercedes promise a range of up to 500 km, which is at the level of Tesla Model X. The most powerful batteries weigh around 700 kg which will bring the kerbweight to around 2,400 kg.
Mercedes did not give any informations about smaller versions of the batteries.

The two electric motors delivers 300 kW (408 HP) and 700 Nm, which represent more than the 367 HP offered by the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43. Mercedes EQ C will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds, being as quick as the AMG GLC 43 despite its heavier kerbweight.

The interior of the EQ C will follow the layout from the EQ Concept with a “digital” central console in the style of Range Rover Velar and a double wide screens placed under the same glass. The right one will serve for the multimedia system while the left one replaced the classical indicators.

Mercedes EQ C 3

The prototype tested was surprised under a heavy camouflage but we can see that there is no any exhaust system and there is no radiator grille. The wipers will be hidden under a flap along the trailing edge of the bonnet and the underside will be flat contributing to an excellent aerodynamic.

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