Formula 1: Mercedes engines will power McLaren cars again from 2021

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McLaren will use Mercedes engines again in Formula 1 from the 2021 season, after the British company has officially confirmed that it is giving up its partnership with Renault.

McLaren is determined to adopt a new strategy to return to the 2021 Formula 1 elite, at the end of several modest seasons where it has failed to fight for world titles and victories. McLaren has concluded that Mercedes can offer it the best engine from the 2021 season, when a new technical regulation will be introduced.

In addition, another advantage is that the engines supplied by Mercedes are cheaper than those produced by Renault, so the change has both a performance and financial justification.

Therefore, the British team has officially announced that it will not extend the engine contract with Renault, which is due to expire at the end of next season. Instead, McLaren signed a four-season contract with Mercedes.

“It is an important step in our long-term plan to return successfully to Formula 1. Mercedes is the benchmark, both as a team and as an engine, so it is natural to want to secure a relationship with the company for the next phase. of our trip, ” said McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown.

Mercedes will increase its influence in the Formula 1 and win a customer who will pay significant amounts of money to use its propulsion units. Basically, 4 of the 10 teams on the starting grid will use Mercedes engines. Ferrari will remain with 3 teams, Honda with two, while Renault will supply engines only for its own team.

McLaren used Mercedes engines from 1995 to 2014, but the contract was terminated after the Germans decided to have their own team in Formula 1. Subsequently, McLaren successfully used Honda engines for three years before starting a partnership. with Renault from the 2018 season.

This season, with 6 races ahead of the final, McLaren ranks 4th in the builders’ standings with 89 points. Mercedes-AMG is first.