EuroNCAP: Top 5 star rating for new Mercedes E-class

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The all-new E-Class confirms Mercedes reputation as a safety leader scoring a top five star rating at the latest EuroNCAP crash tests, significantly exceeding the standards the independent european organism.

The Saloon was a particularly deserving recipient of this top rating since in the crash tests in all four categories it significantly outperformed the standard required by Euro NCAP in order to attain the top score of five stars. The E-Class’s occupant safety, child safety, pedestrian protection and assistance systems have all been awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating.

The Passenger Protection was rated at 95%, while Child Protection was also considered excellent with a score of 90%. The only criticism targeted the chest protection offered to rear adult passengers, considered only marginal. Much better was the Pedestrian Protection offered by the E-Class: 77% – thanks to standard advanced safety features like the active bonnet and the autonomous braking system.

The E-Class Saloon features an active bonnet which can be raised 80 millimetres during an impact to provide additional deformation space. In addition Active Brake Assist is not only able to recognise slow-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles but also pedestrians crossing in the danger zone in front of the vehicle and can brake autonomously to prevent a collision with a pedestrian. With features such as these, the E-Class’s impressive pedestrian protection standards far exceed statutory requirements.

The E-Class Saloon also achieved a 62% rating for its Assistance systems and two Euro NCAP “Advanced” awards for PRE‑SAFE® and ATTENTION ASSIST – both awards go beyond the star rating and underline particular safety innovations.

Other driver assistance systems are available as an option, including DRIVE PILOT, which marks a further milestone on the road to automated driving, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist and Traffic Sign Assist with wrong-way warning function. Some of these optional systems, however, have not yet been taken into consideration in the Euro NCAP assessment.