2017 Mercedes E-Class design boss reveals styling secrets

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2017 Mercedes E-Class head of design, Drummond Jacoy, opened up to Autocar, confessing about the styling future for the brand and, of course, all the secrets behind the new sedan.

Described by its own creator, the new E-Class is seen as a consistent leap forward for Mercedes, caught up in the midst of a complete design overhaul. How much of a leap, though?

“A quantum leap. Firstly, the proportions of the vehicle are astonishing for us, and the efficiency of it, too. The other big step is its intelligence – the kit we’ve got in there, from the human-machine interface to the driver assistance systems. Having all of that in one vehicle is the big step. That’s the feeling that we have about this new E-Class,” Drummond Jacoy explains.

When asked about the styling secrets behind the process of turning an E-Class into an instantly recognizable member of the Mercedes family, Jacoy revealed he stretched the wheelbase, shortened the overhangs and given it an enormous coupé-like silhouette, and in doing that also kept the space inside”.

The father of the 2017 Mercedes E-Class was not similarly candid when the interview veered towards the future strategy of the brand, though: We’re not going to change our product strategy completely – the Estate will follow towards the end of this year, and we have a few other things planned too.”

Last, but not the least, Drummond Jacoy strongly defended Mercedes’ current design strategy against fears concerning a possible Russian Doll butterly effect in the immediate future. “We think there is a lot of differentiation in there. We decided to go down this route because we want people to recognise our family. We think that within that family each car has its own individual aspects,” he said.