Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton reportedly sold his Pagani Zonda

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Lewis Hamilton has reportedly sold his Pagani Zonda. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas driver kept the car for approximately seven years, but never drove it much.

The Formula 1 driver got the delivery of his supercar in 2014 and has only driven it for around 1,000 kilometers (approximately 620 miles). Despite the very low mileage, the AMG 7.3-liter V12-powered car doesn’t come with a clean report. The F1 driver has a crash with it, back in 2015, while driving at a low speed in Monaco. The Zonda was repaired instantly.

The news of Lewis Hamilton selling the Pagani Zonda 760LH came soon after his title loss heartbreak in Abu Dhabi. According to thezondaregistry on Instagram, the car is now in the hands of someone living in the United Kingdom. It’s probably a collector that appreciates the true value of such a unique version.

It is one of just five “760” Zondas that were ever built. Lewis Hamilton’s is even more special. It got the “LH” moniker, where the two letters stand, as expected, for the 7-time World Champion’s name.

It is also the only Zonda 760 that delivers all resources, 760 PS (750 HP), and 780 Nm of torque (575 lb-ft) to the rear axle through a six-speed manual transmission, as Lewis himself requested. Most of the others come with the automated manual transmission with paddle shifters.

Lewis was always honest about the car, not considering that it might make it difficult to sell. It is “terrible to drive” and “handling wise, it’s the worst”, he said several years ago. But he also complimented it, adding that it was the “best-sounding car”. And we believe him.

The price the UK-based new owner bought it for remains undisclosed. But Lewis Hamilton reportedly paid around 1.5 million euros for it back in 2014. Since they are so rare and his is so special, the price must have gone through the roof in the recent years.

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