A Mercedes driver might end up in jail following a law violation. The driver drove by three-times the speed allowed in an autobahn sector.

The autobahn is the mirage of the drivers who prefer fast cars. There are dozens and dozens of kilometers with no speed limit whatsover. It is thus like a public race track, where they can push the pedal to the metal without having the police flashing red and blue lights on their tracks. But where speed limits are in force, authorities do anything to prevent overspeeding. Apparently, not all drivers are aware of the danger.

Mercedes driver autobahn (2)

The speed limit in the area between Raunheim and Wiesbadener was 80 km/h, due to the fact that construction works are underway. Since the new speed regulation has been in force, a radar camera takes photos of all those who seem to be in a hurry. But never before have they seen such difference between the limit in force and the speed of a car passing by.

The Mercedes driver is getting a criminal record

The radar caught the speedy driver flashing by 244 km/h on November 21st, at 10:19 in the morning. It is three times the speed limit. The driver of what seems to be a Mercedes-AMG E63 got himself a criminal record for overspeeding and for illegal street racing and might end up in jail. According to the data provided by the authorities, the Mercedes driver is also getting his driver’s license suspended.

The local police warns the drivers who feel tempted to press the throttle pedal harder than they should, as that the road in front of them seems to be empty and the asphalt seems to be impeccable: “Such a speed also endangers other drivers!” The policemen also have a message for the skeptical: “Yes, the radar was working fine!”