Mercedes Driven By Soccer Player Flies 100 Feet, Goes Through Sports Hall Wall

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Soccer player Sofian Kiyine ended up airborne with his Mercedes-Benz after hitting a roundabout at high speed. His car stopped inside a sports hall after going through the wall of the facility.

The Benz flew more than 100 feet through the air. A traffic surveillance camera caught everything on film. The video shows the car driving at high speed, way faster than the flow of the traffic, just moments before the horrific crash. It reportedly hit the concrete edge of the roundabout. The driver lost control and the car simply soared through the air and slammed against a building. It left a massive hole in the wall that it hit.

Several photos showed up on social media revealing the aftermath of the crash. The car lies on one side on the floor of the sports hall. Luckily, no one was inside at the moment of the crash. A group of children had reportedly left the hall minutes before the accident and they were then in the changing rooms, at the opposite end of the building, when the car went through the wall.

The 25-year old soccer player was admitted to the nearest hospital with multiple injuries. None of them is life-threatening though, Mirror reports.

Belgium-born Sofian Kiyine, playing for the Morocco under-23 national team, had joined Belgian club OH Leuven in Belgium last year. He had previously played 25 games in Serie A while on loan at Venezia before moving back to his native country. Last season, in the Belgian league, he played twenty matches and scored once. His club issued a statement reporting that he is recovering in the hospital and wishing him well.