Mercedes designed a racecar transporter for Porsche, back in the ’60s. VIDEO

Mercedes O317.
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You might think that Mercedes-Benz and Porsche should be fierce rivals when it comes to their motorsport legacy, which is entirely correct. However, Buster managed to create a connection between the two brands in the 1960s.

Nicknamed “Buster”, this Mercedes hauler – originally converted from a passenger bus – is one of the two transporters Porsche used to take many of their iconic cars to the track. And guess what, it was designed and build by Mercedes-Benz, their arch-rival from Stuttgart.

Buster was created in  1968 by modifying the Mercedes O317 from a bus to a racing car transporter with the body provided by Stuttgart-based company Robert Schenk.

The Porsche Company had two transport vehicles specially developed for the requirements of motor sports in the mix sixties. From the sixties to the seventies, Buster was used to move iconic vehicles like the Porsche 917, all the way to the eighties, were it served as transport platform for the 991 RSR and the 965.

Moreover, Buster was also responsible for carrying and storing spares, such as engines, gearboxes and body parts. Thanks to eGarage, you have the chance of finding out more about Buster from the video below: