Mercedes Delivers Cars With Only One Key

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Just one instead of two: Mercedes is delivering a series of models with just one key. The reasons are unclear.

The portal reports that Mercedes is delivering a number of models without a second key. This includes all Mercedes GLE and GLS compact models and SUVs. The cause is a bottleneck in the delivery of components but Mercedes has not announced anything official regarding the cause of this bottleneck.

It concerns the compact models A-Class, CLA, GLA, GLB, EQA and EQB with code numbers 177, 118, W/H/X 247, H/X243 and the GLE and GLS large and luxury class SUVs (code names 167).

Customers who receive only one key are informed in advance in writing. The second key is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2022, reports In the absence of an official announcement from Mercedes, we can only speculate. Very likely, the cause may be a shortage of chips, a continuing crisis that specialists say will not end sooner than next year.