Mercedes CLC: C-Class gets sporty four-door coupe variant

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The C-Class gets a sporty outfit: Mercedes CLC, the all-new four-door coupe which mixes the sovereign proportions of the CLS and the variable space concept of the CLA Shooting Brake, as illustrated by German magazine Autobild.

The last C-Class hatchback, the two-door known as the CLC, was a flop. Even so, not later than 2021 Mercedes is poised to launch a another coupe variant of the C-Class. This completely new CLC, which builds on the fifth-generation C-Class generation, will be a fully fledged four-door coupe, stylistically a mixture of CLS and CLA Shooting Brake.

Analog to the 3er GT from BMW, the CLC uses the longer wheelbase of the Chinese C-Class sedan. The lower seating position and greater axial distance compensate for the flatter roof. The Autobild graphic illustration shows a highly emotional car with stunning calm surfaces and little decorative tricks. Only the 500-hp AMG variant will pull no stops visually.

The engine range will focus on the four-cylinder units, with mild and plug-in hybrid variants taking center stage. Conventional units cover a power spectrum of 150 hp to 306 hp. Positioned above them, the new straight-sixes that cover the power class 340-435 hp without hybrid module – standard with nine-speed automatic transmission, available with all-wheel drive.