Mercedes CLC: 4-door C-Class Coupe comes in 2019

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Mercedes CLC is the 4-door C-Class Coupe we’ve all been waiting for. The all-new four-door coupe which mixes the sovereign proportions of the CLS and the variable space concept of the CLA Shooting Brake.

Enjoying the success of the Mercedes CLS and the CLA, Mercedes closes the gap between the two models with a four-door coupe based on the current C-Class. The board of the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer has given the green light for the new model for 2019.

The last C-Class hatchback, the two-door known as the CLC, was a flop. But the new CLC is completely different. Analog to the 3er GT from BMW, the CLC uses the longer wheelbase of the Chinese C-Class sedan. Despite the slight increase, the headroom will be limited in the CLC for the rear occupants.

Mercedes CLC will look noble and aggressive. The front should feature the Diamond Grill, prominently set between the narrow headlights. Strong wheel arches and small glass area will characterize the side view of the new Mercedes CLC.

Under the bonnet, we expect to find the new families of six-cylinder engines (M 256 for gasoline and OM 256 for diesel). For the first time, petrol engines will be equipped with particulate filters. Inside, the CLC will offer a high-end finish and the familiar cockpit with two large screens, already known from the S- and E-Class. In terms of infortainment and comfort systems, the CLC will rely on the technology of the current C-Class.

Source: Auto-motor-und-sport