Mercedes C-Class prices: starts at over 40,000 euro

Sales start for the new mercedes C-Class W206
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Mercedes C-Class prices: the new middle class premium sedan starts at over 40,000 euros. The estate version costs 2178 euros more. The 4Matic system add another 2,380 euro to the price. Both models can be ordered starting today, March 30. 

Mercedes has announced the prices for the fifth generation C-Class (W206) which can be ordered starting March 30, 2021.

Therefore, these are:
Petrol versions:

  • Mercedes C 180, 1.5 l / 170 HP                                  41,138.40 euros
  • Mercedes C 200, 1.5l / 204 HP                                 44,797.25 euros
  • Mercedes C 200 4Matic, 1.5 l / 204 HP                  47,177.55 euros
  • Mercedes C 300, 2.0 l / 258 HP                               47,891.55 euros

Diesel versions

  • Mercedes C 220 d, 2.0 l / 200 HP                             47,177.55 euros
  • Mercedes C 300 d, 2.0 l / 265 HP                             51,788.30 euros

At the start of sales, three estate versions will be available:
Petrol versions
Mercedes C 200, 1.5 l / 204 HP                                   46,975.25 euros

Diesel versions
Mercedes C 220 d, 2.0 l / 200 HP                              49,355.25 euros
Mercedes C 300 d, 2.0 l / 265 HP                              53,966.50 euros

The Avantgarde line costs 952 euros and comes with 17-inch alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the AMG line costs 3,094 euros and comes with 18-inch alloy wheels with 5 spokes.

Also, the Night package, 535 euros, can be added to both equipment lines. Metallic paint costs 928.20 euros and special designo colors cost 1,356.60 euros (hyacinth red), 1,773.10 euros (opalith white) and 2,356.20 euros (selenite gray).

LED high performance headlights are standard while Digital Light headlights have a price of 1,606.50 euros, and the panoramic sunroof costs 1,689.80 euros.

Mercedes C-Class prices – How much is the sports suspension?

Mercedes C-Class comes standard with Comfort suspension. The sports suspension costs 404.60 euros and the adaptive one 1,071 euros.

An air suspension is no longer offered for the C-Class, because of low demand from customers. Instead, Mercedes offers integral steering for 1,249.50 euros.

Comfort package (seat heating for driver and front passenger and 4-way lumbar support) cost 624.75 euro and the steering wheel heating another 309.40 euro.

Three multimedia systems are available:
– Infotainment package 1,779.50 euros (MBUX navigation, smartphone integration, traffic sign assistant)
– Advanced Infotainment package 2,731.50 euros (MBUX navigation, display driver, central display)
– High-end Infotainment package 3,195.15 euros (MBUX Navigation Premium with augmented reality, driver display, central display)

The Active Brake Assistant and Active Lane Keeping Assist  are standard equipment. The Active Blind Spot Assistant though comes for 535.50 euro, the adaptive cruise control Distronic 476 euro and you can order two assistance systems packages:
– Advanced assistance package 2,296.70 euro
– High-end assistance package 2,891.70 euro.

The Parking package with reversing camera has a price of 1,243.55 euro while the Advanced Parking Package with 360 degrees camera costs 1,790.95 euro.