Mercedes C-Class facelift shows its face for the first time

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Mercedes C-Class facelift revealed! Our spy photographers have caught on camera for the first time the mid-life nip and tuck changes dedicated to the Mercedes W205.

Exclusive images show the new Mercedes C-Class not only gets new bumpers and a few minor changes around the grill but also a few extra chrome elements on the body.

The most noticeable change seems to concern the new headlights design. The new units are borrowed straight from the current E-Class and feature a new LED daytime running lights.

When the C-Class Facelift debuts in the autumn of 2017 – presumably at the IAA, not just these small optical changes will be seen. The interior will also get a major overhaul with the dual-display arrangement familiar from the S-Class taking center stage. The new cockpit will also be offered on the C-Class Coupé.

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After this display has been grafted onto the new E-Class, the new C-class digital cockpit is a must for the facelift version – as a direct answer to the “Virtual Cockpit” offered by the all-new Audi A4.

On the engine front, the Mercedes C-Class 2018 model year is unlikely to change significantly. The current units will be adjusted in terms of performance and emissions. The 2,1-liter diesel is bound to vanish into the sunset, though, ready to be replaced by the all-new 2,0-liter diesel launched alongside the new E-Class.



  • Riaz says:

    Hi Mercedesblog Team

    When is W205 C-Class facelift and W177 All-New A-Class expected?

    Thank You

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      The all new A-Class will arrive in 2018. We have no info for C-Class but for sure it will stay 4 years in the actual form which means until end of 2017 at least.

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      The all new A-Class will appear in April 2018. We have no infor for the W205 C-Class facelift. But for sure the current generation will stay at least 4 years on the market until the facelift will come. This means end of 2017 or begining of 2018.