Mercedes C-Class Coupe gets early facelift – FIRST SPY PICS

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Mercedes C-Class Coupe will get an early facelift late next year, joining the updated four-door and estate variants. FIRST DETAILS AND PHOTOS.

Exclusive spy images show the new Mercedes C-Class features new bumpers and a few minor changes around the grille. The most noticeable change seems to concern the new headlights design which receive a fresh lighting signature courtesy of a different LED arrangement.

When the C-Class Coupe Facelift debuts in the autumn of 2017 – presumably at the IAA, not just these small optical changes will be seen. The interior will also get a major overhaul with the dual 12,3-inch display arrangement offered for the first time on the C-Class. The new cockpit will also be featured on the C-Class sedan.


After this dual-display layout has already been grafted onto the new E-Class, the new C-class digital cockpit is a must for the facelift version – as a direct answer to the “Virtual Cockpit” offered by the all-new Audi A4.

On the engine front, the Mercedes C-Class 2018 model year is unlikely to change significantly. The current units will be adjusted in terms of performance and emissions. The 2,1-liter diesel is bound to vanish into the sunset, though, ready to be replaced by the all-new 2,0-liter diesel launched alongside the new E-Class.