Enhanced styling for the new C-Class, by Carlsson

Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Carlsson tuning
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On the occasion of the 2014 Paris Motorshow, Mercedes-AMG is launching the powerful C63, top-of-the-line C-Class. But it’s going to be an expensive car and will not be available immediatly. So, if someone wants a C-Class with a more dynamic look, they should check what Carlsson has to offer for the new C-Class.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz is offering on the new C-Class the AMG Sport trim, that is not to be confused with the genuine AMG C63. Carlsson thought that this trim could be enhanced, so that it would offer a styling package that transforms pretty much even the most basic C-Class.

The kit comprises a front lip apron on the front bumper, side vents in the rear bumper, a not-easy-to-miss diffuser along with two pairs of round big diameter exhausts or the nice and elegant spoiler on the boot lid.

There are also different alloy wheel options available, up to 20″ and with a more daring design than Mercedes offering. Carlsson has also revised the suspension, that can be either a basic version, that is lowers the car by 30 mm, or a more complex one, that has height adjustable coil-over.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Carlsson tuning - Mercedesblog -106

Carlsson signature: big round exhausts means power-oriented, not eco-friendly…

Although one can opt for a large variety of trims from the Mercedes-Benz official catalogue, Carlsson makes a step forward and can satisfy any wishes in terms of leather and upholstery, offering custom made fittings and even illuminated floor mats or pedals.

For the moment, there are no technical upgrades for the engines, but they are going to be available at the beginning of the next year. Until then, the C-Class by Carlsson is a good example that tuning does not only mean power, but also refinement.

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