Mercedes C 63 AMG destroyed rear axle while doing drifts

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Youtuber speedster4004 posted on youtube a movie with a driver who thinks he is a driver doing drifting behind the wheel of a Mercedes C 63 AMG. It all ended badly with the destruction of the rear axle, rim and tire.

The coronavirus epidemic causes damage even after the lockdown. The relaxation that occurred in America after a long period of frustration causes damage. Some Americans thought of having fun drifting with a Mercedes C 63 AMG in an area with uneven asphalt and full of potholes.

These are completely unsuitable conditions for drifting with a car. Besides this, the driver proves to be totally clumsy and fails to finish even a complete lap in drift. After a few attempts, the car in which there were two fans of the driver, one of whom was out the window, hit the left wheel behind a asphalt pit. Although the impact does not seem very serious, the consequences are disastrous. The rear axle, rim and tire are destroyed.

More fun than the impact itself are the comments on youtube.
“Should of never let him out of quarantine lmao. Michigan is having its 1st car show in over a year on Saturday so it’s probably going to be just as crazy. Unfortunately I have a loaner right now though”, said richzilla08.
Someone else comments: What kind of stupid would drift over this super rough surface with raised exposed stones and pits?
And another comment conclude perfectly: “I suspect the collective IQ of that entire group of people is around 80 points”.

Of course, the repair will not be cheap considering that the rear axle has a sophisticated multilink construction and the 19-inch rim is also expensive. We conclude with an old proverb: “if stupidity would hurt”.