Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe with 1,200 HP by GAD Motors

The fastest Mercedes C 63 AMG ever
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The Mercedes GAD Motors tuner modified a Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe by mounting a 1,200 HP turbo 5,5 liter V8 that transmits power to all four wheels. This is the most powerful and fastest Mercedes C 63 AMG in the world!

The former Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe (W204) uses the M156 6.2 liter V8 normal aspirated engine that develops 517 HP/6,800 rpm and 630 Nm /5,500 rpm in the most powerful version C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series. The power is transmited to the rear wheels via the 7 speed 7G-Tronic AMG Speedshift.

Mercedes planned to produce 650 units but after the sale success 800 units were produced.

GAD Motors is a relatively young tuner that has been operating for 10 years in Germany and mainly modifies Mercedes AMG models but also Aston Martin DB11 and Lamborghini Urus.
For example, for the current generation Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe 5 tuning stages are available, the 5th stage offering a maximum power of 850 HP compared to 510 HP for the production model.

The  GAD Motors tuner replaced the 6.2-liter aspirated V8 engine (M156) with the 5.5-liter turbo V8 engine (M157) that had much better tuning potential by making it easier to change the boost pressure.

But the changes were not limited to boost pressure. GAD Motors installed a larger turbine and increased the displacement from 5.5 to 5.8 liters. Thus, the pistons, connecting rods were modified and the special crankshaft was installed.
The result is incredible: 1,200 HP!

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