Mercedes-Benz X-Class Yachting Edition by Carlex is a head-turning pick-up

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Carlex has always had a thing for the Mercedes-Benz pick-up truck. And they remake model after model even long after the premium car maker stopped production. This is how the X-Class Yachting Edition showed up.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class was, at its time, the only German premium pick-up. It raised some eyebrows. But today, after Mercedes stopped building it, Carlex Design keeps giving it chances to shine. The Polish tuning house has just built the Yachting Edition.

The X-Class failed to achieve the recognition Mercedes was dreaming of. But the tuning experts obviously saw something in it. Therefore once again, Carlex works its magic on the model and grants it with the “Yachting” designation. That is because everything about it seems inspired from luxury yachts.

What do you get in the price of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Yachting Edition by Carlex?

The price for the tweaked variant of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class by Carlex starts at €112,000 (approximately $135,000). Could there be any other pick-up truck that is more expensive?

Carlex equipped the model with a widebody kit. The package includes fend flares and new bumpers with carbon fiber inserts. The wheels draw the attention as they seem identical to those that we get to see on the Maybach variants. The “Yachting” naming shows up on the front doors, on a black band background.

The tuning house fitted further yachting details onboard. There is a floor imitating wood and a black-and-white leather combo covers the seats and the dashboard. The floor resembles the wood used for the deck of yachts. The same pattern appears in the load bed of the X-Class.

There isn’t, of course, the slightest chance the owner of such a luxury pick-up truck would ever take it for a ride along muddy trails for a bit of offroading. Heavy loading also seems out of the question. Driving in style though should be considered.