Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup gets extended flatbed variant

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Mercedes-Benz has presented a new variant of the X-Class pickup truck. This features a longer loading area (flatbed), a detail that can be of great interest to heavy-workload freelancers, among others.

Mercedes-Benz, together with VanPartner Veth Automotive, has developed a new variant of the X-Class, a taste that, thanks to its longer body can carry much longer items, while still offering room for five passengers. The flatbed of this modified X-Class is 2.06 instead of 1.72 meters long.

Not only is the body extended, the wheelbase of the X-Class is also increased by 9 centimeters to 3.24 meters. The additional price for the conversion is € 6,995 excluding taxes (in Holland).

This brings the starting price of the long flatbed X-Class, available in 220 d and 250 d guises, to € 38,480 excluding taxes and the model can be ordered from May, at the beginning in Holland.