Mercedes-Benz wins five prizes for the four-wheel-drive cars

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Mercedes-Benz models have just won five categories in the readers’ poll for the best four-wheel-drive cars of 2015, set up by Europe’s top 4×4 magazine “Auto Bild Allrad”. The robust GLK, the boxy G-Class, the sleek CLA, the classy S-Class, together with its seductiv sibling, the S-Class Coupe, all got awards, turning Mercedes-Benz into the most successful brand in the existence of this poll.

“Never has there been such a triumphant result for a single manufacturer in the 15 years that our readers’ poll has been running! Mercedes-Benz is our readers’ favourite brand without a shadow of a doubt!”, says Bernhard Weinbacher, editor-in-chief of “Auto Bild Allrad” magazine, after ascertaining the survey result. And the figures only confirm his statement. 176 models split in ten categories took part in the competition decided only by the readers. Half of the categories were won by none others than the Mercedes-Benz models that had been nominated.

The undisputed definitive 4×4 ever since its premiere in 1979 and the forerunner of all the contemporary SUVs in Stuttgart, the boxy G-Class, turned out to be the clear winner in its category. The car coming in the second position was awarded only half of the G’s votes number. This was no surprise, but the real blow for the rivals came in the other categories.
These are readers’ choices for the best all-wheel-drive cars of 2015:

Cross-country vehicles/SUVs from 30,000 to 50,000 euros GLK
Cross-country vehicles/SUVs over 50,000 euros G-Class
All-wheel-drive passenger cars up to 40,000 euros CLA
All-wheel-drive passenger cars over 40,000 euros S-Class
All-wheel-drive sports cars, coupés and cabriolets S-Class Coupé


“Auto Bild Allrad” is the 4×4 sister magazine of Auto Bild and Europe’s best-selling all-wheel drive motoring magazine with a total of around 63,000 copies a month.

The awards ceremony for the all-wheel-drive cars of 2015 was held at DEPOT 1899 in Frankfurt am Main. This listed brick building dating from the century before last was used as a tram depot until 2003, and nowadays, the structure houses a gastro-pub and various event halls.