Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet – A Mercedes teleported straight from the future

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Meet the Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet, It is a futuristic concept car that previews the way our cars might look in the future.

When UFOs will become road-worthy, this will surely be a car that you will see just about everywhere. But before that happens, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet is just a show car rendered by Lujie Huang for his senior thesis. He is a student at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

His imaginary car is a three-seat grand tourer, with Level 5 autonomous driving. It is thus a vehicle that focuses on traveling without actually worrying about driving. The grand tourer would provide a typically futuristic experience for those who jump onboard.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet (12)

Huang’s model is also electric, but he offers no information on the battery he thought of, on the estimated range or on charging capabilities.

The interior ticks of the minimalism boxes. There are no actual controls onboard. The minimalist obsession must have made the designer drop the steering wheel and pedals. There are two rear-facing seats and there is a bench that can host other two people.

A large table splits the space between the front- and rear-facing occupants.

As the renders show, the glass roof can slide back, making the Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet look like a yacht.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet finds inspiration in the concept cars of the premium car company

Lookswise, the model looks like no Mercedes currently on the road, but finds inspiration in the extravagant concepts that the premium car maker has been revealing for the past years. A front grille supporting an illuminated three-pointed star, flanked by small-sized LED headlights, flowing lines, aerodynamically optimized wheels and a light band stretching across the entire rear side are part of the menu.

If Mercedes-Benz will be impressed by the Vision Duet remains to be seen. Before that happens, Lujie Huang needs to impress his professors at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. Good luck with that!