Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG is Daimler’s new warranty insurer arm

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Daimler has a new warranty insurer arm. Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG will start offering its services on the German market from 2016.

According to recent studies, the service life of automobiles on German roads has risen to nine years on average. Warranty insurance policies are becoming more important, as a result. Their goal is to protect vehicle owners against unforeseeable repair costs for component assemblies such as engines, transmissions and air-conditioning systems.

Daimler is taken the matter seriously offering drivers of cars from Mercedes-Benz and smart the option to conclude a new vehicle follow-up warranty or a preowned vehicle warranty at dealerships.

“Because warranty products strengthen the ties between customers and dealers, we want to offer such products from our own brand in the future,” says Dr. Ingo Telschow, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Daimler Insurance Services GmbH. “This way, we can ensure that any repairs that become necessary are made with genuine spare parts from Daimler.” Through Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG, Daimler will operate as a warranty insurer in Germany for the first time. However, Daimler’s insurance business will continue to be controlled worldwide by Daimler Insurance Services.

Sold by Mercedes-Benz Bank and still brokered by CarGarantie GmbH, the insurance coverage provided by Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG. The warranty will provide customers a new vehicle follow-up warranty or a preowned vehicle warranty at dealerships.

The insurance package can be extended again and again until a vehicle reaches the tenth year of its service life. The insurance is tied to a specific vehicle and continues even if the owner changes.