Mercedes-Benz V-Class proves it can be poetry in motion

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This is a Mercedes-Benz V-Class advertisment. But it’s a good one. I really think you should watch it and try to imagine you’re actually there as one of the seven participants. If you’re anything like me, you’ll put yourself into one of the drivers’ shoes.

The film opens on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class going down a beautiful mountain road on a wintery backdrop. The car moves effortlessly on the sinuous dark tarmac path while the sun shines on its black paint. A young couple with their two children are enjoying all the spectacle outside through the large windows of their Mercedes-Benz V-Class, while the soft music does nothing to curb your longing to be there, in their place.

We jump to another V-Class (a grey one, this time) which is quickly dispatched to pick up another couple skiing down some wild mountain slopes. It climbs on a twisty, milky white road on its way to the rendezvous. Once there, they make good use of the vast interior space of the V-Class by fitting all the couple’s skiing gear under the seats and then they’re off through the same endless sea of white.

Back to the black Mercedes-Benz V-Class and we get a clear proof of its refined suspension system when we see the little girl fall asleep in the back seats, with a calm and serene expression on her face.

Meanwhile, the skiing couple are enjoying the warm, cozy atmosphere inside the V-Class, no doubt helped by the astounding Burmester sound system as well.

It gets dark.

First to reach the destination is the black V-Class, with the young family of four. The kids wake up, everyone grabs their luggage and we see them climb the stairs to their chalet as the tailgate of the V-Class slowly closes by itself.

Just in time for the other Mercedes-Benz V-Class to arrive. The young driver, who seems to be an employee of the luxury hotel where the skiing couple is staying, jumps out of the car, grabs the skis and hands them over as the two passengers smile and head for what we can only imagine will be a very relaxing evening.

„Keeps every adventure on track” – Mercedes V-Class 4MATIC. What else is there to say?