Mercedes-Benz e-Truck – Reinventing urban mobility

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Daimler has revealed the company’s action plan in urban mobility, showing the Mercedes-Benz Urban e-Truck at the Daimler Media Night in Hanover, at the Commercial Vehicles show IAA. It is the world’s first electric truck for heavy distribution and it features a range of 200 kilometers.

The Mercedes-Benz Urban e-Truck came onto the stage in Hanover through an electric storm of special effects to follow the action plan of the company: reinventing urban mobility for an intelligent, electric and connected transportation. The truck with a payload of 12.8 tons quietly smoothed its way in front of the eyes of the media. With hardly a whisper on the stage, the truck reduces heavy duty transportation to zero emissions.

Mercedes-Benz e-Truck

‘’Diamler is pushing the doors wide open to zero emissions transportation’’, the company’s representatives say, predicting that the next ten years will bring more change on the road than the past 130 years have brought.

In the Urban e-Truck, the original low-floor axle has been provided with a liquid-cooled high-speed asynchronous three-phase motor on each side. The rated voltage is 400 V, while the maximum output is 2 x 125 kW. The motors have a peak torque of 2 x 500 Nm. The 3-module battery pack ensures a range of 200 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz e-Truck

The Intelligent Range Management system helps planning and re-routing the itinerary of the vehicle. It also provides full connection between the driver and the dispatcher. Two screens, the central one with a diagonal of 12.3 inches, provide the driver with all the relevant data and warnings during cruising.  The battery capacity is always in the driver’s field of view. Connected to the right power supply, it charges in no more than 2 hours.

Mercedes-Benz e-Truck

Coming way ahead of its time, the Urban e-Truck boasts a revolutionary design, both exciting and practical. A black transparent panel grille with high-resolution LEDs connects the truck with its environment.

The Commercial Vehicles show IAA in 2016 in Hannover has started today and will keep its gates open until September, 29th. This year’s edition focuses on the Digital Transformation.

You can watch the full live presentation right here!