Mercedes-Benz to keep the Steering Wheel in Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars
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Even though there are some voices that raise some questions, like “What will happen to the steering wheel?”. Apparently Mercedes-Benz will keep the traditional car components such as the steering wheel and the brake pedals, even though they develop the ability to take control.

Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s Chief Executive Officer, said in a speech at the Oxford University that “We specifically do not want to automate the fun of driving. At Mercedes, the steering wheel, throttle and brake pedals will remain standard equipment.”

It seems like Daimler wants to make sure that people can still grab the steering wheel and enjoy the fun of driving. But this reflects the tension that the traditional car manufacturers have to face from shifting to the driveless vehicles, mainly because they do not wish to undermine the performance features of their cars.


Mercedes-Benz, a leading luxury car manufacturer made efforts in order to promote its autonomous driving features. Last year, in 2013, Mercedes-Benz tested a self-driving S-Class sedan during a 60-mile trip on public roads in Germany.

What’s more, the Stuttgart-based company is already rolling out an optional Stop & Go Pilot on models just like the C-Class, enabling the car to steer itself while matching the speed of the vehicle in front of it and also coming to a complete stop. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz aims at introducing fully automated parking, meaning that the vehicle will be able to find a parking lot on its own.

Zetsche also said that “many people have difficulty with the thought of giving up control. Even if people accepted autonomous driving as a part of their lives, they still want to have a choice”.