Mercedes-Benz, still the world’s largest premium car maker in 2018, surpasses BMW and Audi

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Mercedes-Benz conquered for the third consecutive year the title of the world’s largest premium car maker with 2.31 million units sold across the world. BMW stopped at the threshold of 2.12 million units, while Audi sold 1.87 million units.

More precisely, Mercedes-Benz sold 2,310,185 million cars in 2018, a slight increase of 0.9% compared to 2017, and remained the world’s largest premium builder. SUVs continued to represent the most popular segment with about one-third of sales, while the compact segment recorded a quarter of sales. The best-selling model of the brand was the C-Class.

The most important market was again China with over 650,000 of units delivered, while sales in Europe dropped by 2.3% to nearly 934,000 units.

Meanwhile, BMW reported 2,125,026 units sold last year, up 1.8% compared to 2017. In Europe, the BMW Group brands (BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and Motorrad) sold 1,097,654 cars, down 0.3%, while China is (just like for Mercedes) the largest market with 640,000 units. Like for its rival, SUVs are the most important segment, with over 37% of sales, while the BMW 5 Series is still the most popular world-class sedan with 329,000 units sold.

Meanwhile, Audi remained third with 1,812,500 cars sold globally and is the only one to report a decline compared to 2017: -3.5%. Almost 600,000 units were sold in China, but the main problem came from the European market, which recorded a 13.6% decline to 860,000 units.