Mercedes-Benz, the most popular premium car brand on Facebook

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Mercedes-Benz is the most popular premium car brand on Facebook. Over 22 million people are following the updates on the social network page. Things are pretty much the same on Twitter and Instagram.

There are 22,999,316 that have liked the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page. The number of the followers is even greater, going as high as over 23 million people. The fans of the brand check out updates, read about new models and find out about the premium and dynamic lifestyle that the bran promotes.

Mercedes-Benz Facebook

The page is growing fast. Five years ago, Mercedes was celebrating 20,000,000 followers.

Similar to car sales figures, BMW is always close. 20,655,137 people have clicked “Like” on the Bavarian premium car maker, hoping to be some of the first to hear novelties.

Audi follows in the ranking, but the Ingolstadt brand is far behind BMW, with only 859,090.

Sports cars manufacturers join the exclusive club. There 16,307,758 people liking Ferrari, while Lamborghini accounts for 13,059,103 fans. Porsche has 11,745,072 people liking the company’s Facebook page.

Mercedes-Benz on Instagram, also in the lead

The situation is similar on Instagram, only the figures are greater. There are 32.6 million followers for Mercedes-Benz there. BMW is inching closer with 30.7 millions, while Audi has to settle for 15.5 million.

With less popularity, Twitter brings only 3.6 million enthusiasts together for the Stuttgart-based premium car maker.

Compared to the Facebook and Instagram numbers, those on Twitter are much lower for BMW as well. 605.6 follow the tweets of the all-time Mercedes rival.