Mercedes-Benz: the most interactive automobile brand

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We’re talking about the second quarter or 2014 when Mercedes –Benz became the most interactive automobile brand with more than 12 million fan interactions on the social media network.

15 million Facebook fans for Mercedes-Benz in July 2014

 The fan community on Facebook exceeded the 15 million mark in July. In a study conducted by Social Bakers, the best-known market research company the social web, Mercedes-Benz took a well-deserved second place, when comparing all brands worldwide with regards to the social interactions with their Facebook fans. Only American TV station Discovery fans posted more comments, Liked and Shared more. For the first time, Social Bakers also used a new key indicator –the interactions per 1000 fans – which places Mercedes on an outstanding second place among automobile brands.

#PlaceToBW is a new campaign initiated by Mercedes-Benz in partnership with the state of Baden-Württemberg and Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg. The campaign started on 22nd August when bloggers and journalists went on a road trip through Baden – Wurttemberg, driving Mercedes vehicles. Until the end of October they will publish on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) all the posts and the pictures under the hashtag #PlaceToBW. The purpose of this social media campaign is to show a fascinating portrait of company’s home region.

For many years Mercedes-Benz has been among the most popular and successful social brands, and the study conducted by the Social Bakers further enforces this statement. The company established itself as brand publisher, thanks to the high-quality “content telling” on the digital network.