Mercedes-Benz: the best sales record ever in the first ten months of 2017 with over 1.9 million cars sold

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Mercedes-Benz continued its record sales series last months with another best ever figure of 182,812 vehicles sold in an October (+5.6%). The October results has an important contribution to the best result obtained in the first ten months of the year which registered a new record of 1,900,112 cars (+11.1%).

In October, Mercedes-Benz was the premium brand with the most new registrations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Taiwan, USA and Canada.

Mercedes-Benz has increased sales in all the regions.

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz posted a record in October and in the first ten months of the year. 76,964 cars were delivered in October (+7.4%) and almost 800,000 cars in the first ten months (+8.0%).

In the Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes-Benz registered the highest growth in the first ten months with 21.1% to 728,263 cars. 67,132 cars were delivered in October in Asia-Pacific region (+5.3%) from which 46,016 cars in China (+10.9%).

Sales are recovering in NAFTA region with 34,144 units sold in October (+3.8%).  323,448 cars were sold in the first ten months which represent an increase of 0.1%. Mercedes-benz posted a good result in the US market with 28,955 cars (+1.0%) sold in October.

By models, the E-Class saloon and estate registered an increase of 9.7% to a new high of 27,566 units last month. Since the beginning of the year, Mercedes sold 295,639 E-Class which represent a progress of more than 50% compared with the same period from 2016.

66,323 SUVs were sold in October (+12.9%), the best result registered in an October. The highest sales increase was registered by the GLC.
In the first ten months of 2017, Mercedes-Benz sold a record number of SUVs: 658,208 units (+13.7%).

12,593 units of coupes, cabriolets and roadsters were sold in October (+12.9%). The new S-Class Coupe and cabrio can be ordered since October.

Smart brand sold 10,872 units in October (-5.5%) while the result for first ten months is 111,486 units (-4.9%).

MakeOctoberChange in %Jan-October 2017Change in %
Sales in the markets
- thereof Germany25,0144.30%255,9945.60%
-thererof USA28,9551.00%271,205-2.40%
- thereof China46,01610.90%488,91527.80%