Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Premium Edition – A workhorse revamped

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Mercedes-Benz launches limited edition Premium Sprinter, based on the model released last year, celebrating the model’s 20-year anniversary.

Positioned at the top of the Mercedes-Benz vans range, the premium Sprinter is a welcome addition to the functionality of the vehicle. A Becker MAP-PILOT navigation system, together with an Audio 15-color screen infotainment unit and a chrome effect radiator grille are just few of the facilities offered as standard, to make the workhorse look and behave like a performance vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Premium Edition

In addition to the Anniversary Edition Sprinter, the 2016 limited edition van is also standardly equipped with the Crosswind Assist, but also with the emergency service feature providing critical data at the scene of the accident, the Rescue Assist.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Premium Edition is available for both the 2-Series and 3-Series panel van models and is already on sale at dealers across Europe.