Mercedes-Benz Shows How Parking Assistants Can Help Drivers With Heads in the Clouds

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Drivers with heads in the clouds? That’s the recipe for disaster. But Mercedes-Benz claims that the parking assistants can prevent incidents that lack of attention may cause. How do they work?

The video posted by Mercedes-Benz on the company’s YouTube channel shows a driver that simply clicks on the screen of his smartphone and his Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC pulls out of the tight parking spot. So far, so good.

When he gets to his new destination, he’s counting on the parking assistants once again. The Active Parking Assist, using the sensors and the 360-degree camera on board, will automatically find a parking spot and park the car.

When he opens the door to exit the vehicle, the driver fails to check the side mirror and almost knocks down a skateboarder. But the exit warning function cuts in. The feature that makes use of the abilities of the Active Blind Spot Assist, stops him from making the wrong move at the wrong movement.

An outdoor walk might again turn into a catastrophic event unless you pay attention to the surroundings and driving. This time, the driver fails to engage the right gear. He puts the car in Drive instead of reverse and the electric sedan starts closing in on a fence. Luckily, the EQS has the Drive Away Assist feature that prevents the collision. You don’t want to mess up the front end of a car that is packed with cameras and sensors.

His partner gets behind the wheel, but she also has her head in the clouds. Mercedes’s words, not hours. She could have reversed right into a passing car if not for the Rear Cross Traffic Alert. The function automatically brakes when it detects oncoming vehicles or obstacles.

Once they get home, they engage the Memory Parking Assist. The maneuver is already saved in the car’s system, which remembers frequent parking spots. So it does what it knows best. Park itself.