Mercedes-Benz sales in May – The star-branded company keeps leadership

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Mercedes-Benz is facing the challenges of the market industry. Even though the sales figures are decreasing, the company remains a leader in many various countries.

The company sold 195,690 cars last month, taking the year’s figures up to 938,499 cars. The A-Class and the new CLA, launched in May, had a positive effect on the numbers. Compact cars have generated the sales momentum in many key markets. The highest-volume SUV segment impacted total unit sales last month as well, keeping the company in the lead in markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Last month, 81,762 cars remained in Europe, up by 0.9%, 27,806 of which stayed in Germany (+5.9%). Mercedes-Benz recorded a double-digit growth in Spain, going up by 14.9%.

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for 77,694 cars, while China received 55,589 of them. In Malaysia, unit sales increased at a double-digit rate, while a new record was set for last month in South Korea and Vietnam.

The customers in the NAFTA region received 31,933 cars last month (-2.1%). 27,080 in the U.S. were happy to get their car delivered. Meanwhile, in Mexico, deliveries of Mercedes Benz cars increased to 3.0% compared with May 2018.

The compact cars were the ace of the game. More than 58,000 A- and B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA models were sold in May (+10.0%), while global sales of the new A-Class increased by 41.1%. More than 195,000 units have already been sold worldwide.

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Deliveries of the new CLA Coupé increased by a substantial 8.5% above the prior-year level in the month of market launch, while the B-Class enjoyed a sales growth in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland.

More than 28,000 customers received their brand-new E-Class Saloon and Estate in May (-1.7%).

Approximately 16,000 coupés, convertibles and roadsters with the three-pointed star were delivered worldwide last month (+4.1%).

The smart convinced 11,466 customers. Unit sales of smart models in Germany reached a new record level in the period of January to May with an growth of 19.7%.


May 2019 Change in % Year to May 2019 Change in %
Mercedes-Benz 195,690 -1.3 938,499 -4.7
smart 11,466 -1.2 50,087 -4.5
Mercedes-Benz Cars 207,156 -1.3 988,586 -4.7
Mercedes-Benz unit sales in the regions/markets    
Europe 81,762 +0.9 377,703 -4.1
– thereof Germany 27,806 +5.9 123,318 -2.0
Asia/Pacific 77,694 -2.2 396,815 -2.9
– thereof China 55,589 -0.9 287,639 +1.6
NAFTA 31,933 -2.1 143,601 -9.8
– thereof USA 27,080 +0.4 121,200 -8.6