Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard interior modified by TopCar

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There are lots of things you can do when you know that some people with guns might want to harm you, best of which is to leave country and disappear. Second best, though, is to get yourself a Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard.

After this first step has been completed, it’s time to take you new armoured limousine to a tuner shop for some personalization. Where to go, where to go…? Always go West.

Well, when you’re in the Middle-East, West can mean Germany or the USA, but it can also mean Russia. There’s a good bit of North involved as well, that’s true, but you can’t say they didn’t obey my aforementioned rule of thumb.

The owner of the car ended up taking his limousine to TopCar, telling them he wanted something bold without turning “into vulgar shocking”. He didn’t say anything about “good taste” – you can have something that’s not vulgar but is still kitsch.

The interior of the S 600 Guard is not necessarily kitschy. The birch panels do look a bit like they’re made out of the kind of stone you would expect to find in a Roman bath, but it’s not enough to make you feel sorry you ever laid eyes on the pictures.

The leather upholstery is made from carefully chosen high quality European leather – you have to wonder, though, why they went for a color that looks like the skin of a frog that enjoyed too many hours under the scorching sun. On the other hand, the craftsmanship appears to be exemplary.

TMercedes-Benz S 600 Guard by TopCar | MercedesBlog.comhe most eyebrow raising part is the lettering on the roof lining. It’s gold arabic writing on the same odd green fabric – maybe (for sure) it’s the fact I can’t tell what it reads, but to me it looks like those tattoos in Chinese that people get even though no non-Chinese human being will ever understand the meaning. Since the S 600 Guard will live its life in the Middle-East, it won’t be the case.

All in all, TopCar has done a pretty good job (apart from the color, but maybe that’s just me). It is said (and, no doubt, proven) that the S 600 Guard can withstand hand grenades shrapnel and shots fired from military grade weapons, features which will offer the occupants those very precious first few seconds needed to react in a dangerous situation. Power comes from the same V12 6.0 liter engine with 530 hp and 830 Nm of torque.

But the question is: who in their right mind will want to shoot at such a beautiful car as a Mercedes-Benz?