Mercedes-Benz reveals AMG GT behind the scene testing. VIDEO

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Guess what, launching a brand new performance model like the AMG GT is no easy task. Even if your name is Mercedes-Benz, there is a million things that need to work in perfect harmony. And that’s why product testing was invented.

Earlier in October we showed you (in fact, we made you listen) how the AMG GT’s V8 roars at the slightest push of the accelerator. But in order for the symphony to make a perfect show, the AMG GT went through a lot of sound testing. If you want to know how it performed, all you have to do is watch the video below:

How about snow testing? Well, every supercar has to go through that and the AMG GT makes no exception. Of course, a small portion of drifting in the Swedish snow never killed nobody, so let’s see how Mercedes-Benz’s star model performs on slippery surfaces:

From snowy  Sweden to South Africa’s varied landscape, the new AMG GT managed to travel the world in style with one purpose: to deliver top-notch performance in all weather conditions.Here’s how the coupe handles its semi-exotic adventure:

Last but not least, the coupe visited the Papenburg facilities, where the engineers tested the AMG GT on the race track and on wet surfaces in order to assess and fine-tune its handling, agility and maneuvrability:

Source: Mercedes-Benz