Mercedes-Benz Recalls Just One 2022 S-Class

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Usually, such news start with something like “massive recall.” But not this time. Mercedes-Benz recalls just one (yes, you read that right) 2022 S-Class.

The recall refers to an S 500 example. The problem with this car focuses on the manner the dashboard, sourced from Draxlmaier Group, was installed. The National Highway Traffic Administration Safety Issue ID 22V935 claims that that particular component is “insufficiently attached.” As silly as it may sound, the issue is serious. The poor connection could cause problems with the front passenger airbag in the event of a crash, increasing the risk of injury.

Mercedes-Benz will fix the problem of the S-Class in question free of charge. Furthermore, the premium carmaker recommends concerned owners to call customer service or the NHTSA hotline.

The recall is based on an investigation that kicked off in the spring. Mercedes-Benz and the supplier identified an irregularity during a quality check. The data the experts collected indicates that a certain type of adhesive used for the attachment was not strong enough to hold the component in place. Mercedes corrected the mishap on the assembly line. But still, one car rolled off the assembly line in Sindelfingen, Germany, wearing the not-good-enough adhesive, on the 7th of March 2022. The owner will get a notification before mid-February.

Mercedes-Benz though still has some other recalls going on right now and all of them seem to be more serious than this one, targeting a larger number of vehicles. For instance, there are 100 GLE and GLS models that drove through the factory gate with a loose screw in the steering system. This issue may lead to a loss of steering.

Meanwhile, there are eleven high-performance AMGs with a problem targeting the possible opening of the center console in the event of a crash. Thus eleven owners of the GT 53 and 63 models have to schedule an appointment with a dealership to get their cars fixed free of charge.