Mercedes-Benz Q1 2020 sales: 14.9% drop due to coronavirus epidemic

Mercedes-Benz sales Q1 2020
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Mercedes-Benz Q1 2020 sales: Mercedes-Benz sales fell in the first quarter of 2020 by almost 15%, but the decline is not as dramatic as the situation in China in the first 2 months of the year and in Europe in March 2020.

All car manufacturers are affected by the coronavirus epidemic, which has led to the closure of a large part of the dealer network.

After some of China’s dealership network was shut down in January and February, Mercedes-Benz comes in with good news. All dealers in China and South Korea have been reopened.

On the other hand, in Europe, the situation evolved negative after a good start of the year in January 2020. In March, sales in the main European markets fell with one exception. In Germany, the situation in the first quarter can be considered unexpectedly good given the current conditions.

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If global sales decreased by 14.9% in the first 3 months of 2020 and in Europe sales were lower by 15.9% in Germany, the decrease was only 8.8%. Out of 188,963 units sold in Europe in the first 3 months, 64,332 units were in Germany.

The largest decrease was in the Asia Pacific area with 20.3% while in North America the decrease was only 6.7%.

But the coronavirus outbreak hit later America, only towards the end of March. Therefore, we estimate that sales in North America and especially in the US will decline in the next quarter.

The smart brand registered the worst result in history. Over the epidemic of coronavirus has also been superimposed on the fact that smart only offers electric powered models.

And the current smart propulsion system with a battery that ensures a range of only 160 km is outdated, which also explains the drop sales by 78.3%. Only 5,863 smart units were sold in the first quarter of 2020.

For the first time Mercedes-Benz no longer communicates sales per month, so we do not have sales data for March 2020. The situation in Europe in March probably led to this decision of the department of communication from Mercedes-Benz.

March 2020Change in %Year to March 2020Change in %
Mercedes-Benz Carsnana483,241-17.8
Mercedes-Benz unit sales in the regions/market
Europe nana188,963-15.9
- thereof Germanynana64,332-8.8
Asia-Pacific nana198,849-17.1
- thereof Chinanana138,960-20.3
- thereof USAnana67,7464.8