Mercedes-Benz promotes the new C-Class – Magic in your comfort zone

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Mercedes-Benz promotes the new C-Class Sedan and Estate. “Magic in your comfort zone” is the slogan for the new generation advertising campaign.

Mercedes-Benz describes the new C-Class as being a retreat to recharge one’s batteries, packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

The premium car maker accounts the new model with an expressive exterior, that combines dynamic proportions with reduced design lines and sculptural surfaces.

The new C-Class is a step forward in terms of safety as well. Mercedes mentions comfortable safety regardless of the road conditions, keeping the occupants relaxed.

The slogan for the C-Class Sedan is “Magici in your comfort zone”. Meanwhile, the Estate gets one that is a hint to its adventurous nature. “Work hard, rest hard”.

Mercedes indicates a progressive design and a spacious interior for the mid-size wagon.

The luxury car maker is counting on the new C-Class to continue its success story. The C is the best-selling Mercedes model of the last decade. No less than 2.5 million customers ordered a previous generation unit, starting 2014. The figures go as high as 10.5 million units since the first generation hit the showrooms, back in 1982.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class – innovations at a glance

There are several innovations that the mid-size model is coming to the market with. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class receives integral steering with similar abilities to those of the S-Class.

Also from the S-Class, the C-Class carries over the 9.5-inch screen with vertical positioning in the center console. The screen though tilts towards the driver by 6 degrees.

The model also receives a new head-up display projection style and a new digital instrument cluster. For the latter, customers can choose from a 10.25-inch or a 12.3-inch one.

Air suspension and rear height control are standard features for both the Sedan and Estate models with plug-in hybrid powertrain.