Mercedes-Benz opens order books for electric EQ SUV

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Mercedes-Benz has opened the order books for the first car sold under the EQ label. The production version of the electric crossover must still be revealed, but in Norway clients can already make a reservation.

Although Mercedes’s fully electric crossover only exists in the form of the Generation EQ Concept presented last year, the Norwegians can already place an order on the car. The production model must be launched in 2019. On the Norwegian website of Mercedes-Benz you can read that you can make a down payment of € 2.139 to be used as the advance for when the car is delivered. And people are eager to secure a spot on the pre-order list with more than 2.000 advance payments already received.

The Generation EQ concept car has two electric motors that develop together 400 hp. The autonomy is rated at 500 km according to Mercedes. In the not too distant future, it will also be possible to recharge the batteries within five minutes for an additional 100 km of action radius.

Last week Mercedes-Benz unveiled another concept car under the electric label during the IAA in Frankfurt. The EQA Concept, as it is called, is a forerunner on a fully electric compact hatchback that will be launched around 2020. Mercedes-Benz wants to have ten full electric cars in its range in 2025, all of which will fall under the EQ label.