Mercedes-Benz Museum 10th Anniversary celebrated in one more film

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Mercedes-Benz Museum 10th Anniversary continues to be celebrated by Daimler which released an additional promotional video showing historic footage.

The movie, called “A Museum Monster”, accompagnies the already presented short film  “A Girl Called Mercedes”. The Museum itself becomes an actor, being depicted as a gigantic gargoyle hungry for classic cars.

A nostalgic series of historic sequences runs along, as the hungry creature swallows one legendary model after another, pilling them all up in its collection.

The movie not only comes as a fitting celebration for the Mercedes-Benz Museum, but also marks the brand’s partnership with the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film spawning not only this film, but also a competition in which another wonderful film created by six students was entered.

More than a decade after its opening, Mercedes-Benz Museum remains a place of solemn respect paid to the ample history and heritage of the starred brand.