Mercedes-Benz ML versus excavator. Who wins?

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A Mercedes-Benz ML was hit by the backhoe of an excavator in the Republic of Moldova, eastern Europe. The preliminary verification carried out by police reveals that the driver of the construction vehicle came into the main road without even looking.

The accident took place on a busy road of the the Capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chișinău. The right front side of the premium German SUV ended up straight into the backhoe of an excavator.

Witnesses claim that the vehicle came out of a construction site without the driver even looking to see if there was any car coming. He did not notice the Mercedes-Benz ML that was driving on the main road and went straight into it. He ran back into the construction site after the accident.

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A 59-year old man was driving the Benz. He walked out of the car unharmed, but shocked that his SUV suffered major damage. He tried to pull his car out of the claws of the backhoe of the excavator, but only did worse,being inches away from tearing out his right wing and hood. He eventually asked for the assistance of those that gathered around.

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Terrified of what he had done, the driver of the construction vehicle, a 61-year old man, ran back into the construction site. Rumors have it that he was not employed by the construction company, so he was afraid of the consequences, but the information is yet to be confirmed.

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Police is running now an investigation to find out the circumstances the crash happened. The man driving the excavator may end up getting a criminal file if it turns out that he fled the scene of the crash before the arrival of the police.